zondag 28 oktober 2012

Elvis For Movie Fans Only - Volume 3


Elvis For Movie Fans Only - Volume 3.

 01.  Blue Hawaii Opening Titles
 02. Almost always true (with additional dialogue)
 03. Aloha Oe
 04. Shave and a haircut...two bits
 05. No more (La Paloma)
 06. Grandma's Tamouré (instrumental)
 07. Can't help falling in love
 08. Rock-a-hula baby
 09. Moonlight swim (with additional dialogue)
10. Ku-u-ipo (with additional dialogue)
11. Ito eats - Slicin' sand
12. Hawaiian sunset
13. Beach Boy Blues
14. Island of love
15. Hawaiian dinner call (instrumental with additional dialogue)
16. Hawaiian wedding song - End Titles
17. What a wonderful life - Opening titles Follow that dream
18. I'm not the marrying kind
19. Sound advice (with additional dialogue)
20. On top of Old Smokey - Follow that dream
21. Angel (with additional dialogue)
22. Opening Titles Girls Girls Girls
23. Never let me go (sung by Stella Stevens)
24. I don't wanna be tied
25. Mama (sung by The Four Amigos) (with additional dialogue)
26. We'll be together
27. A boy like me a girl like you
28. Earth boy (partly in Chinese with additional dialogue)
29. The nearness of you (sung by Stella Stevens)(with additional dialogue)
30. Return to sender
31. Because of love
32. Thanks to the rolling sea
33. Song of the shrimp
34. The walls have ears
35. We're coming in loaded
36. Baby baby baby (sung by Stella Stevens)(with additional dialogue)
37. Dainty little moonbeams - Girls Girls Girls End Titles