dinsdag 21 maart 2017



01 - Baby, She's Gone
02 - Bimbombey
03 - Come And Get It
04 - Seven Steps To Love
05 - Pretty Little Pearly
06 - Who, Baby, Who

07 - There's No Fool Like A Young Fool
08 - I've Come Of Age
09 - A Boy Without A Girl
10 - Charm
11 - Candy Floss
12 - Teenage Dream

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Terry Dene - wow, that really takes me back to the 1950s. He was one who dropped off the radar. There was a backlash against him caused by the fact that he was called up for National Service, but couldn't hack it and was invalided out after a few weeks. Pity, as he had a fine voice for the songs he sang. Many thanks for these albums and for your blog. Long may you rock on.